Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Star Trek Fan

I was watching this again for the third or fourth time that night.  Love that movie. I love all the Star Trek stuff. So good. Agh!

Anyways, I'm back. Sheesh. I am at school, now. I am currently waiting for some files to upload to Google Drive to get them from the lab to my house. But I am staying on top of my homework well. I will upload them to my tumblr (inkyphalangies) after I turn them in. There is one up now and I will be posting two more tonight.

So I am not sure where this comic is going. I might turn it more into a daily comic. Sort of, or more than sort of, in the style of Citric Comics by Ian Anderson, a comic I love.

I will eventually do comics about the drive from Seattle to Vermont. Not sure when. I can't find my drawing pad that I took notes in. There's some good stuff in there. Like tracking the things we saw on the side of the road.