Thursday, September 27, 2012


This was directly inspired by my biology class where we disected squids instead of frogs. Not sure why. It was fun though. One of the kids, JD, brought in home-made calamari. First I ever had. I loved it, even though it was cold and chewy.

Then when we went to disect it (I was partnered with Heather, but I drew Abe), I picked it up and it slid out of the mantle a little and I thought it was alive. So of course, this was 8th grade or so, I squealed and threw it on the table before I realized how dumb that idea was. Anyways, I enjoyed disecting it and learning about the insides once I got over that first adrenaline rush. My chicken plucking years were only a few years back, so I suppose I was used to little dead animals.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poor Speaker

I am a big piler of things. Abe hates it. But usually it means I can find things until Abe moves a pile. I can even give him directions on which pile to find something in usually.
At Drink and Draw the other night, I couldn't think of anything to draw so Amanda suggested I do a family portait. She has a list of things to draw so I picked a number and that is what came up. So I drew this with the new rapidograph pens. I might switch the style up later to be more like this. Seeing the two styles next to eachother, I really like the style in the family portrait. Also, Abe and I got haircuts the night before, so it was the perfect time to draw us. Abe had really long hair, but for some reason I never draw him that way. I have no idea why.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naughty boy

He's so cute, he's hard to be mad at. Sorry I posted late. Totally forgot. Whooops!

Update: FYI, I will be at Jet City Comic Show this weekend under the name Flying Dodo Publications.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dance the night away

Abe gives me the weirdest looks when I dance around the apartment. But when there's music on, I just can't help it.
Also, that is a spin off this shirt that I have and love.
Our apartment is finally nearly unpacked. Into the same space. Ridiculous. But we put a bunch of stuff into storage and it is much nicer. We are using two bookcases as our pantry and put the dining table in storage. There is so much more room in the kitchen. I have actually been cooking. I made a Flat Potato Omlette and it was divine. I have been watching a lot of Essential Pepin because the TV shows are all screwed up because it is a few weeks before the new seasons start and it is the only good thing on. I also made Eggs in a Ramekin from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. So good! We over cooked them, but they were still tasty. Asparagus and mushrooms at the bottom. Make it. It's good.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Carl's Jr.

Such disappointment. How do I make it through the day? And now I have to watch those horrendous, grease sprayed Carl's Jr. commercials. USA and hot girls seems to be their theme. And shiny food. Makes me a little sick just thinking of the commercials.
Ugh. Boy did I dress bad in high school. Well, not surprising. It was the 90s and I was total grunge. I just dressed like the boys I liked.
In other news... we're not moving! We packed up all our stuff and are now unpacking it a month later. Ooh fun. Here are some drawings I did to help relieve the stress.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Homo erectus

Not much to say about this piece. Kind of speaks on its own. I do love the guy in the front of the bus in panel 4.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's disgusting that this isn't even everytime we have had to deal with something so disgusting. And usually the problems are Nisa. Ernie's had some bouts, but his are usually less...extravagent. So many of their nick names revolve around poop. Pooface. Poopbutt. Le Poops (my favorite). Poopster.

We even have a rhyme about Ernie that I sing to him. He's not a super fan.
Ernie Pernie, puddin' pie. Pooped on girls and made them cry.
Not super original, but funny enough for me.

And you know, if you can't read this, let me know and I will type it up under here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

things we've taught our pets

Our nick name for the pair of dogs is The Idiots, but really they are pretty smart. People go nuts over royal sit and bipedal, though really only Nisa can do those. Ernie is too top heavy for it I think.

So we celebrated labor day weekend by shopping. We got a memory foam mattress from Costco and it is quite comfy. We also got a 40 inch LCD TV from Costco and it looks sweet. Though you can see everyone's make up on the broadcast showed. We also got tablets! I got a nexus 7 from Google and am really enjoying it except for maybe a couple small things that I should be able to figure out eventually, like not typing like a complete idiot. I'm posting this from my tablet.

In other news, this week my autobio characters are making a guest appearance on The Jerks, so check it out!