Thursday, September 27, 2012


This was directly inspired by my biology class where we disected squids instead of frogs. Not sure why. It was fun though. One of the kids, JD, brought in home-made calamari. First I ever had. I loved it, even though it was cold and chewy.

Then when we went to disect it (I was partnered with Heather, but I drew Abe), I picked it up and it slid out of the mantle a little and I thought it was alive. So of course, this was 8th grade or so, I squealed and threw it on the table before I realized how dumb that idea was. Anyways, I enjoyed disecting it and learning about the insides once I got over that first adrenaline rush. My chicken plucking years were only a few years back, so I suppose I was used to little dead animals.

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