Thursday, December 20, 2012

Krismas ornaments

I drew this at a particularly low point last Krismas. This year is ridiculous. We (Abe) packed out Krismas ornaments in storage and now we can't get them out without taking half the rest of it out. So we bought new stuff. Our Krismas tree is weird now. No nostalgic ornaments. Nice new garlands though. Which is nice. And out little Krismas tree died because we didn't take care of it, so I finally got to pick a nice big fluffy Krismas tree! Abe likes little Krismas trees and I like big ones. I would prefer 6 feet. But we compromise with one taller than me, but shorter than him. We also had to get a new tree stand, but that was a good thing. We had the crappy kind in the comic above, but now we have a great big plastic one that the dogs can't drink out of.

Also, I finally figured out a good station for Krismas music on Pandora. I based it on Blue Christmas by Elvis Presely, You're a mean on Mr. Grinch, and some others. Awesome. Even pulled up my favorite song from the Elf soundtrack, "Baby, it's cold outside" with Zooey Deschanel.

Here's our decorations.
Krismas tree with sparkly lights. There are more ornaments on it now, though.

New stockings! We had old ones that I knit when we first started dating. They were pretty bad. These are awesome. The tiniest one is for Nermal. Abe didn't even want to get her that! We don't have a fire place, so they just go up on the wall.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I did have a very good time at LavaCon, which is the name of the conference. It was such a whirlwind that I didn't really have a good grasp on what I learned. But later at work I had to do a 15 minute presentation for my co-workers and it turns out I had a lot to say. If I had been able to blast through my presentation, it was 15 minutes. But because they asked questions and things turned into discussions, it took an hour and a half or more! If they have different sessions, I would like to go again. We have new social media stuff at work so I would like to continue learning more about that. Plus it applies to all my comic stuff.
Speaking of social media, the Instagram news sucks. I might switch to flickr. Instagram, starting Jan 16, will use any posted images whenever they like, for free, in ads, including selling them to other businesses. This is terrible for every artist who posts work there. I will, at the very least, not be posting any of my art work any more. That would just be silly. Not that the artwork is great or the pictures are good, but still not worth the risk. So glad Facebook bought Instagram. Not. I kinda hate Facebook, but it is so ubiquitous at this point.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Old Wives Tales

Old Wives' Tales is a restaurant in Portland, OR.
Rijl and I eat so much sugar when we are together. I wonder if she eats that much sugar when I am not there. Instead of coffee or tea when we want to stay up late, she gets us soda and gummy candy. Sugar high.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Corn Maze

Hoo. This was a while ago now. Well, I guess it was only a couple months ago. It was fun, but exhausting. We were there for hours! Rijl and I both weren't dressed great. I had black leggings on there were brown by the end. And Rijl had Birkenstocks on so her feet were filthy by the end. And then Tiernan spilled apple cider on her feet and it was just so much worse.
I was in Portland for LavaCon, a conference for content designers (like myself, a technical writer). I have other comics about that, but I got to go down early and hang out with Rijl and Tiernan for a day. This corn maze was at a pumpkin patch. So we also got some cinnamon almonds and they picked out some pumpkins for Halloween
Looking at this, I think I need to draw less shine in my hair. And less curls. We'll see. I like drawing it that way because that's how I would like if my hair did look. Speaking of hair, boy do I need to get it done again - cut and dye. Why does it have to cost $120 or more for a cut and dye! Too much hair on this head of mine.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sensitive Stomach

Ha. Vomit. So much Vomit. I haven't been as sick lately. Turns out I was probably just getting food poisoning from cooking old food. Green hamburger? Just cook it more! Amirite?! I did get sick eating mac and cheese at a restaurant lately. It was weird. Slow motion vomit. So I just sat in the bathroom throwing up and playing video games on my tablet. It was pretty funny. Sorry. I'm gross.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Abe's dad didn't die or anything. They just didn't see each other. Made me sad when we were talking about this stuff and he didn't know what I was talking about. I had a great childhood with lots of silly memories. Like the hidden peanuts on my birthday! They would draw faces on the peanut shells and hide them all over the house for all the kids to find. It was very fun. We'd find them for months apparently.