Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Corn Maze

Hoo. This was a while ago now. Well, I guess it was only a couple months ago. It was fun, but exhausting. We were there for hours! Rijl and I both weren't dressed great. I had black leggings on there were brown by the end. And Rijl had Birkenstocks on so her feet were filthy by the end. And then Tiernan spilled apple cider on her feet and it was just so much worse.
I was in Portland for LavaCon, a conference for content designers (like myself, a technical writer). I have other comics about that, but I got to go down early and hang out with Rijl and Tiernan for a day. This corn maze was at a pumpkin patch. So we also got some cinnamon almonds and they picked out some pumpkins for Halloween
Looking at this, I think I need to draw less shine in my hair. And less curls. We'll see. I like drawing it that way because that's how I would like if my hair did look. Speaking of hair, boy do I need to get it done again - cut and dye. Why does it have to cost $120 or more for a cut and dye! Too much hair on this head of mine.

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