Thursday, December 20, 2012

Krismas ornaments

I drew this at a particularly low point last Krismas. This year is ridiculous. We (Abe) packed out Krismas ornaments in storage and now we can't get them out without taking half the rest of it out. So we bought new stuff. Our Krismas tree is weird now. No nostalgic ornaments. Nice new garlands though. Which is nice. And out little Krismas tree died because we didn't take care of it, so I finally got to pick a nice big fluffy Krismas tree! Abe likes little Krismas trees and I like big ones. I would prefer 6 feet. But we compromise with one taller than me, but shorter than him. We also had to get a new tree stand, but that was a good thing. We had the crappy kind in the comic above, but now we have a great big plastic one that the dogs can't drink out of.

Also, I finally figured out a good station for Krismas music on Pandora. I based it on Blue Christmas by Elvis Presely, You're a mean on Mr. Grinch, and some others. Awesome. Even pulled up my favorite song from the Elf soundtrack, "Baby, it's cold outside" with Zooey Deschanel.

Here's our decorations.
Krismas tree with sparkly lights. There are more ornaments on it now, though.

New stockings! We had old ones that I knit when we first started dating. They were pretty bad. These are awesome. The tiniest one is for Nermal. Abe didn't even want to get her that! We don't have a fire place, so they just go up on the wall.

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