Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poor Speaker

I am a big piler of things. Abe hates it. But usually it means I can find things until Abe moves a pile. I can even give him directions on which pile to find something in usually.
At Drink and Draw the other night, I couldn't think of anything to draw so Amanda suggested I do a family portait. She has a list of things to draw so I picked a number and that is what came up. So I drew this with the new rapidograph pens. I might switch the style up later to be more like this. Seeing the two styles next to eachother, I really like the style in the family portrait. Also, Abe and I got haircuts the night before, so it was the perfect time to draw us. Abe had really long hair, but for some reason I never draw him that way. I have no idea why.

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