Thursday, July 19, 2012


Boy, spiders freak me out and not in a funny way. I still can't dry my hands on the towel in my mom's downstairs bathroom because they made me looked at the giant brown spider living it in a few years ago. Abe is nice about it and takes care of all the spiders. With a lot of good humor considering how much I jump around and squeal. One of the girliest things I do, actually.

That's Ernie squashed between us on the couch. I should do a comic about that marvelous, tiny couch. Anyways, for some reason, Ernie loves being squashed between us. It sounds really uncomfortable but the look on his face is so happy and he always lets us know when he wants down (usually because he is too hot).

Also, if you have been reading the last few comics, you might notice I changed the site a bit. I have never used this dynamic layout before, so I might have to play with it a bit. You can check out other view up in the nav bar where it says Sidebar. The previous view was Magazine if you prefer it. I also added a Find me page with links to my other websites and a list of the conventions I will be at for the rest of the year.

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