Tuesday, January 28, 2014


High school was a high point in my list making. I made so many lists. And as a pack rat, I kept a lot of them. I didn't learn HTML until maybe 2003. Just last week I finally got rid of the notes I wrote down when I was trying to teach myself. For some reason, I had a class about making a website without any HTML requirements. I ended up making it in Word!
Fake creatures was another thing I did in high school. I have a notebook full of them. All designed for the same planet. A lot of them based on my friends at the time. :) Above is Leeloo, based on Lael, I think, and Rooni, based on Roni (it's part gazelle, part lion). These are based on my memory because the notebook is currently in storage. Yes, I still have them.

Even the collection of the first year in a print volume has a list of "characters" that are in it.

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