Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Well, I have been working on images like this instead of my autobio comics. And it turns out I ran out of pre-scheduled comics last week. Whoops. This is actually sort of autobio. Abe and I saw these pigeons in downtown Seattle while waiting for the bus and there was all this colored popcorn around. Blue. Yellow. Red. Green. This particular drawing was a for homework, but I didn't think I spent enough time on it (like 4 hours) so I did another and it still only took 6 hours.

I have a cool post for Thursday, as long as I remember to do it. And as of June 4, all my homework for the Natural Science Illustration classes should be done. I also have some comics done but not scanned or anything. Like 5 from the last year or so. Sheesh, I have been so busy since I started school! Worth it.

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