Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Morning Routine

I am so not a morning person. Never have been. Can't imagine I ever will be. Since I drew this, I stopped eating oatmeal in the morning, though I might switch between that and my current breakfast: 2 soft-boiled eggs, an english muffin, a cup of milk, and a slice of cantaloupe (or some fruit). I just don't like the texture of oatmeal so I have to add all the other stuff in to hide it. With the other stuff, it's not bad, but it is so much work! But if there is a husk in a bite, that is my last bite. It just makes me gag. Even trying to brush my teeth makes me gag after that stupid husk.
So next week or the week after, when the moving has all settled down, I will likely up this to three times a week and update Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I have a lot of these comics. This move is getting stressful.

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