Thursday, August 16, 2012


I drew this as a birthday present for a friend. Bertha is the friend (that's her false name, of course). She will make other appearances I am sure. This is also available as a print on the Flying Dodo Publications Etsy store.
We are moving this weekend, so I am missing out on another Drink and Draw. And next week we have to drive up from Renton. Eesh. Not sure how long that'll last. I am really excited to move though. The new apartment is almost twice as big and has a nice big balcony. But no yard. Ernie will be sad. However, I will get to ride my bike to work. It is only an 8 minute bike ride or so! And when we move offices in March, it will still only be a 7 minute bike ride or so. Anyways, someday, I will be posting a series of comics about this apartment that I am drawing as we prepare to move. But they are numbered in the late 30s and the last post of that type was number 10. So it might be a while.

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