Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mole

Whoops. Forget to set up the automatic post last night, so it is a little late today. It was a rough night last night. Tuesday we went to Bellingham so I could finish binding some books with my mom and then have dinner with my Aunt Bonnie who is visiting from New York. Then yesterday, my normal 45 minute drive home took an hour and a half because there was a chemical spill on the freeway.

Anyways, when I worked this job, which I won't name because it seems like the kind of thing you shouldn't, I listed to that Batman Forever soundtrack a lot. I loved that movie. This was my first job in college. And he was the new boss. The previous boss had been cool, but I think the store got bought or something? I don't remember. This was about ...11 years ago! Sheesh. Who knew. I can't tell you how much a stared at that mole. If looks could kill, that mole would be dead. Forunately, I haven't needed that song since I quit that job to work at Metro Cinemas where I met Abe.

As of now, I am posting uncorrected images of these comics. Mistakes and all. But after looking at the last two, perhaps I should. Just the minor things like the black smear at the top of the last comic and the buttons going out of panel 4. Thoughts.

Guess I am chattier when I write this part during lunch instead of after dinner. I have noticed I tend to write more for the Thursday comics than the Tuesday comics.

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